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Packed food is a great option for busy families as it can save time and effort in meal preparation. It can also be a healthy option if you choose the right foods. Eating together as a family is important as it can help improve communication, strengthen family bonds, and promote healthy eating habits.

Product Overview

We are the leading suppliers of high quality fresh G4 Chilli from Nashik, India. The range of fresh Chilli offered by us is handpicked from the most trusted and reliable farms in India. We are counted among the prominent Fresh Green Chilli Exporters, based in India. Green Chilli has bright green colour, healthy unblemished skin and is full of flavour. It is widely used in its raw form to spice up a meal and add flavor. Long Green Chillies is a major ingredient in almost all foods and almost cannot be done without. Hot Green Chilli is high in demand due to its great hot flavour. Full of the goodness of capsaicin, our Long Green Chilli retains its freshness until the point of consumption.


Green Colour

G4 (Tejashwini, Eagle, Pride, Teja )

Long 8cm to 12cm and Thick 1cm, Hot Chilli (G4)

Net 3.8kg, Gross 4.5kg carton box, As per the requirement of the client

Box, Bag

Shipping Information

40 Ft HC Reefer

+1 to +4 Degree Celsius

25%, 15 to 25 cbm/h

65 % RH is ideal

3250 cartons for 4.5 keg’s

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